beer wine

Bubbly + Rosé

Sauvignon Blanc Brut/Hillersden Family/New Zealand/2018
dry + crisp with notes of apple, pear, + ripe melon with a fun + playful mousse 18/
Rosé/Birichino”Vin Gris”/Califronia/2018
medium-bodied; a playful balance of bright acidity + subtle sweetness. Notes of Spring flowers + fresh berries 15/
Brut Rosé/Luis Pato “Vinho Espumante Bruto”/Portugal/NV
100% Baga; dry on the palate with bright + acidic notes of fresh red berries 18/


Sauvignon Blanc/Maison Foucher/France/2017
bright + aromatic; notes of lime, mango, + pineapple. A great balance of richness + crisp acidity 15/
Piquepoul/Les Equilibristes/France/2018
medium bodied; dry on the palate, rich with flavors for fresh citrus, spices, minerality 15/
Pinot Grigio/Cantina Lavis/Italy/2018
full + flavourful; aromas of fresh flowers on the nose with notes of ripe melon + minerality on the palate 15/
Chardonnay/Verget “Macon-Charnay”/France/2018
medium-bodied; notes of warm oak + bright acidity with flavors of peaches + bananas 20/
Riesling/Weingut Josef Leitz/Germany/2017
bright + acidic with a touch of sweetness. A great balance of fresh flowers, honey, + minerality 14/


Cabernet Sauvignon/Fable/California/2016
bold + rich with notes of black cherry, plumb, leather, + oak. A good balance of fruit + acidity with well-integrated tannins 15/
Malbec/Vaglio “Chacra”/Mendoza, Argentina/2017
notes of fresh herbs, plums, black cherries, + dark chocolate with smooth + velvety tannins 20/
Pinot Noir/Aniello “006”/Patagonia, Argentina/2018
light-bodied; dry on the palate with notes of spiced cherry, vanilla, + earth. Light + playfull tannins make for a smooth finish 18/
Sangiovese/Vallepicciola “Chianti Classico”/Italy/2016
full-bodied; notes of ripe cherries, vanilla, + spice. Smooth + velvety tannins play into a long + elegant finish 18/
Red Blend/Chateau La Haie “Blaye”/Bordeaux, France/2016
90% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon; aged in concrete tanks giving this bold wine notes of earth, with flavors of red fruits, leather, + spice 18/