Cabernet Sauvignon/Marietta Cellars “Arme Estate”/California/2015
bold + rich with notes of black cherry, plumb, leather, + oak. A good balance of fruit + acidity with well integrated tannins 13/ 46
Pinot Noir/Jackson Family Wines “Gran Moraine”/Oregon/2015
light bodied; flavors of black currants, cherries, + pine with well integrated tannins, balanced acidity + richness 62
Red Blend/Cenyth/California/2014
60% Cabernet Franc, 25% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, & 5% Malbec, old world style aromas of high-toned red fruit, silky tannins 70
Tempranillo/Baron de Ley “Reserva”/Rioja, Spain/2014
dry on the palate with notes of red cherries, plums, leather, rich chocolate, + baking spices. Velvety smooth with a long finish 39
Tempranillo/Luberri “Olegi”/Rioja, Spain/2018
bright + acidic with notes of black cherries, plumbs, + baking spices. Round on the finish with rich earthiness 10/ 35
Pinot Noir/”Nielson”/Santa Barbara, CA/2016
light + bright with notes of red fruits + fresh flowers. Balanced acidity + minerality 10/ 35
Montepulciano/Ca’Liptra”Rosso”/Marche, Italy/2017
90% Montepulciano + 10% Sangiovese. light, fruity, thirst-quenching red with well-balanced acidity 39
Cabernet sauvignon/Justin Wines/ Paso Robles, CA/2017
full bodied; notes of ripe red fruit, baking spice, leather, + oak. rich on the palate with well integrated tannins 60
Malbec/Reunion/Mendoza, Argentina/2018
full bodied; dry on the palate with notes of cherries, dark chocolate, + earth with a smooth, long finish 10/ 35
Syrah/Clos du Serres/Terrasses du Larzac/France/2016
60% Syrah, 20% Cinsault, 20% Carignan; big gammy spices, pepper + violet flowers, licorice leading to an herbal finish 40
Red Blend/Ver Sacrum “G.S.M.”/Mendoza, Argentina/2016
a blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre; juicy on the palate with flavors of blackberries, cherries, mushrooms, herbs, and forest flo0r. Fine tannins make for a light finish 43
Red Blend/Heinrich “Red”/Burgenland, Austria/2015
medium bodied; made up of 80% Zweigelt, 15% Blaufrankisch, 5% Sankt Laurent; notes of juicy red cherries, plumbs, dust, + minerals. Balanced acidity + playful tannins 12/ 42
RedBlend/Idlewild”The Bird”/Mendocino County,CA/2017
A light, bright expression of 60% Dolcetto, 35% Barbera and 5% Nebbiolo, this offers tones of wild strawberry and dark cherry, uplifted by tenacious acidity 47
Bordeaux Blend/Chateau Falfas/Bordeaux, France/2017
75% Merlot, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, aromas of soft, ripe fruits + strawberry jam on the palate 43
Vernaccia Nera/Colleluce “Brecce Rosse”/Marche, Italy/2011
dry on the palate with notes of dark red cherries, smoke, cedar cigar boxes, twigs, + earth 40
Pinot Noir/Templar Wine Cellars/Czech Republic/2013
medium bodied; dry on the palate with notes of damp woods, black cherries, + oak 35
Red Blend/Domaine des Huards “Envol”/France/2013
blend of Pinot Noir, Gamay, + Cabernet Franc; light bodied with subtle notes of red fruit + warm spice, light minerality, + tannins 40
Zinfandel/Marietta Cellars “Roman”/North Coast/California/2016
well structured with rich flavors of red fruit + floral notes. Well balanced with acidity + tannins 44


Chardonnay/Hahn “Santa Lucia Highlands”/Soledad, Ca/2016
full blodied, notes of honey, vanilla, + buttered toast. Ballanced acidity + richness 70
White Blend/Casa Belfi “Blanco delle Venezie”/Italy/NV
a blend of 100% organically farmed Chardonnay and Incrocio Manzoni, unfiltered, + aged in terracotta. Dry on the palate with notes of pear + citrus, well rounded with light acidity + minerality. Fun + exciting! 42
Auxerrois/Domaine Rietsch “Entre Chien et Loup”/Alsace, France/2016
100% organic + biodynamic; dry on the palate with notes of citrus + toasted brioche. Balanced acidity + minerality make this wine bright + refreshing! 44
Romorantin/Domaine des Huards “Romo”/Loire Valley, France/2016
100% organic + biodynamic. Medium-bodied with notes of citrus + honey. Hints of chalky limestone soils 44
Sauvignon Blanc/Jean Merieau “Vaudons”/France/2017
aged in steel tanks and is rich with a crisp, mineral backbone. Perfectly refreshing! 11/ 39
Gewürztraminer/Welsh/Portland, Oregon/2017
The aromas are like walking through a field of wildflowers, with off-dry fruit flavors to back it all up. 41
Friulano/Scarpetta “Frico”/Italy/2017
light, lean, + refreshing! Notes of fresh flowers, green apples, citrus zest, + minerals 10/ 35
Chardonnay/Jean-Marc Brocard “Kimmeridgien”/FRance/2015
floral notes with hints of citrus,+ flint. Round and smooth with balanced acidity + oak 36
Pinot Gris/Portlandia/Willamette Valley, Oregon/2018
medium-bodied; notes of melons, pears, fresh flowers, + some spice. Crisp, clean, + refreshing! 10/ 35
Chardonnay/Emmanuel Fellot/Beaujolais, France/2018
light, + bright. Notes of apples, citrus, + flowers are rounded out by balanced acidity + minerality 10/ 35
Riesling/August Cellars/ Willamette Valley, Oregon /2016
off-dry on the palate; notes of honey, fresh peaches, + apricots. Crisp acidity + great minerality 9/ 32
Riesling/Old Vine White Wirz Vineyard “Precedent”/California/2015
notes of wildflowers + crisp apples on the nose, followed by flavors of subtly sweet, yet brightly acidic peaches + green apples. Crisp, clean, refreshing! 52
Verdicchio/Conti di Buscareto/Marche, Italy/2017
bright + vibrant, with notes of spring flowers, green apple, + banana. Well balanced acidity, minerality, + a touch of sea salt 30
Moscatel/Botani/Jorge Ordonez /Spain/2015
crisp apple and floral on the nose, dry on the palate with notes of honey, citrus, and tropical fruits 40
Sauvignon Blanc/Division/”La Frontiere”/Willamette Valley,OR/2018
tropical + dewy + expressive on the nose, with present fruit and vibrant acidity on the palate 49
Riesling/Weingut Spreitzer “101”/Rheingau, Germany/2015
fruity & very slightly sweet with precise flavors of ripe apple & grapefruit joined by lush hints of honey, cream & caramelized citrus fruits lingering on a long finish 36

Bubbly + Rosé

Vouvray Brut/Benoit Gautier “Brut Antique”/France/NA
dry, crisp, + clean on the palate with notes of toasted brioche, green apples, + vanilla 10/ 35
Rosé/Chateau Payral”Pink”/Bergerac, France/2018
ripe strawberry preserves on the nose, notes of red berries+ salinity, full + fruity 34
Sparkling Brut Rose/iLauri Spumante/France/NV
100% Montepulciano; light, bright, + refreshing with notes of red berries + fresh flowers. Balanced acidity with just a touch of sweetness 39
Durello Extra Brut/Dama del Rovere/Veneto, Italy/NV
a fine + playful mousse is accompanied by notes toasted brioche, bright stone fruit, + almonds 44
Champagne/Jean Vesselle Brut Reserve/France/NV
80% Pinot Noir, 20% Chardonnay. Floral on the nose with notes of toasted biscuits + honey. Perfect for your special occasion! 65
Rosé/Prisma/Casablanca Valley, Chile/2018
100% Pinot Noir; bright + fresh with notes of red berries + flowers. Clean + crisp with balanced acidity + subtle sweetness 9/ 32
Sparkling Rose/La Petite Marquise/Loire Valley, France/NV
bright, crisp, + refreshing with notes of red raspberries and strawberries. Balanced acid + subtle sweetness 10/ 35